VMBO 2012 Program

Monday, Feb 20

8.00- 9.00       Registration

9.00- 9.15       Opening (Christian Huemer)

9.15-10.15      Session 1

  • Michael Bennett and William McCarthy. Alignment of the REA and the EDMC Financial Ontologies [Paper]
  • Walter Schwaiger. Designing Accounting-based Management Information Systems [Paper]

10.15 -10.45 Coffee/Tea

10.45-12.30   Session 2

  • Tod Sedbrook. Applying a Business Policy Meta-Model in a Domain Specific Modeling Language [Paper]
  • Dieter Mayrhofer and Christian Huemer. Business-Model-Driven Data Engineering Using the REA-DSL [Paper]
  • Rob Nehmer, Hans Weigand and Philip Elsas. Modeling the Assertion Based Audit Approach into REA and the Value Cycle Model [Paper]

12.30 -13.45 Lunch @ Acqua, Favoritenstrasse 4

13.45-15.15   Session 3

  • Laleh Rafati and Geert Poels, Service Oriented Enterprise Architecture Framework [Paper]
  • Roberta Ferrario and Nicola Guarino. Commitment-based Modeling of Service Systems in the light of the Service Dominant Logic [Paper]
  • Maria Bergholtz, Paul Johannesson and Birger Andersson. Towards a model of services based on co-creation, abstraction and restriction [Paper]

15.15 -15.45 Coffee/Tea

15.45-17.15   Session 4

  • Ben Roelens, Elisah Lemey and Geert Poels. A Service Science Perspective on Business Modeling [Paper]
  • Jeewanie Jayasinghe Arachchige and Hans Weigand. A Pattern based Approach for Business Service Integration [Paper]
  • Joao Pombinho and Jose Tribolet. Towards Modeling the Value of a System’s Production – Matching DEMO and e3Value [Paper]

19.00 Workshop Dinner @ Artner, Floragasse 6


Tuesday, Feb 21

9.00- 10.00     Session 5

  • Christian Scheller and Pavel Hruby. Fiscal Period Closing in REA Accounting Information Systems [Paper]
  • Hans Weigand and Philip Elsas. Environmental Management Accounting and the REA business ontology – how to green REA [Paper]

10.00 -10.30 Coffee/Tea

10.30-12.30   Session 6

  • Johannes Buder and Carsten Felden. Towards a Reference Model of Business Model & Business Process Management Alignment [Paper]
  • Frantisek Hunka, Jaroslav Zacek, Zdenek Melis and Jaroslav Sevcik. REA Value Chain versus Supply Chain [Paper]
  • Sietse Overbeek, Huib Aldewereld, Virginia Dignum, Wout Hofman and Yao-Hua Tan. Towards an Orchestration Architecture for Service Delivery in International Trade [Paper]
  • Lingzhe Liu and Hennie Daniels. Towards a Value Model for Collaborative, Business Intelligence-supported Risk Assessment [Paper]

12.30 -13.45 Lunch @ Wiener Wirtschaft (Hotel Erzherzog Rainer), Wiedner Hauptstrasse 27-29

13.45-15.15   Session 7

  • Faiza Allah Bukhsh and Hans Weigand. REA & Process Mining: How to combine them for Auditing? [Paper]
  • Graham Gal. Aggregations and Disaggregations of Accounting Information [Paper]
  • Wim Laurier. Value system simulation models, The REA ontology as a conceptual basis for simulation models [Paper]

15.15 -15.45 Coffee/Tea

15.45-16.45   Session 8

  • Guido Geerts and Frederik Gailly. Ontology-Driven Business Rule Specification [Paper]
  • General discussion, closing

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